Electrical Repairs

The Boathouse Marine Center in Pompano Beach offers our customers solutions to most electrical refits, repairs, and modifications.

Electrical Refit

Refitting your boat is a major consideration and job. With boat hulls that are stronger and more durable than ever, refitting is a nice option to purchasing a new boat. New engines, a generator or electrical panel, larger battery bank and high output charging system all require the right balance of customer need, cost and installation expertise.

The careful understanding and matching of your needs to manufacturer’s equipment is critical. With the Boathouse’s refit experience, you can rest assured that all of your refit questions will be answered. We’ll help you make the correct gear selections and assist you in making certain it’s properly installed and dependable out on the water.

Electrical Repair

Our electricians use the highest standards of quality control and make every safety check prior to sending your vessel back out on the water. Testing diagnostics and repairs are primarily completed on premises for a wide variety of marine electronics.

Modifications to Electrical Equipment

We provide modifications and upgrades for rewiring and relocation of electrical equipment during repairs on all types of vessels. Our technicians will accommodate power sources due to added equipment or a refit of the boat.