Yamaha Y.E.S Warranty

It’s no secret that repair costs continue to rise. While your Yamaha is in warranty, you can relax, because the factory will step in to pay for those expensive repairs with the best warranty coverage in the industry. Wouldn’t it be comforting to have the same kind of dependable coverage, even after the warranty expires? You can!

By adding Yamaha Extended Service — Y.E.S. — to your Yamaha, you get a solid protection plan designed and administered by Yamaha just for discriminating Yamaha owners like you. It’s coverage that can help you steer around the inconvenience of repairs. Look at the benefits Y.E.S. delivers:

Buying Y.E.S. is easy!
Ask your Yamaha dealer or call us “toll free” at 866-YES-EXTD to find out how easy
it is to add the peace of mind of Yamaha Extended Service to your machine. You’ll rest easy.

Peace of mind.
Repairs* become Yamaha’s problem, not yours. Y.E.S. will be there, whether the repair costs a few dollars… or thousands!

Protection from expensive repair bills.
Don’t let unexpected repairs throw a monkey wrench into your finances.

Nationwide coverage.
Have the nationwide network of Yamaha dealers behind you.

Uninterrupted genuine Yamaha coverage.
Y.E.S. takes over automatically when your original factory warranty expires.

Affordable protection.
Years of Y.E.S. coverage for a fraction of the cost of just one major repair bill.

No deductible.
There’s complete coverage on mechanical defects* — you don’t have to pay anything.

Increase value on your Yamaha.
Your Y.E.S. protection plan is transferable, which can increase your Yamaha’s value if you decide to sell or trade it in later.

TRIP benefit.
Y.E.S. coverage automatically includes TRIP — Travel and Recreation Interruption Protection that’s in effect from the date of Y.E.S. plan purchase, even during the factory warranty period. With TRIP, expenses related to a covered failure can be covered as well, up to $150! per occurance. This means unexpected food or lodging expenses, transportation expenses, even a rental vehicle can be covered – and that’s each time you have a covered warranty or Y.E.S. repair.